Duathlon 2

No it’s not a movie title but it could be! Participating for the first time with my wife Therese. Just enjoying the moment. Pacing, consistency, one foot after the other. We can do this! So, after about 2+hrs, now our FilOz Triathlon Duathlon is done! Mission accomplished! We finally finished our first duathlon together! Loved it. Motivation to get back into fitness. See you on the Tarmac! Oh and by the way, for my friends who want to know more about triathlons, duathlons and all that jazz, check out this website- the guys I know are quickly building up a reputation as one of the ‘friendliest triathlon clubs’ around. http://www.filoztri.com.au


Sparing a thoughtful reflection on the Spartan Race.

So, a week ago, I was at the gathering ground of the ANZ Stadium at Homebush. The forecourt of such an amazing stadium was a scene that will remain with me for a long while yet. I thought I would share my reflection on what it meant for me to complete my first Spartan Race. Now, I’m not a professional athlete who comes in after a match and says things and gives a player’s account of what went right and what when upside down in the match/ event/ course and maybe say a few things that may raise eye-brows – I’m far, far away from it. But now that it’s been a week, I thought I would give a reflection on what made that event an amazing one for me.

For instance, I thought the magnitude of it would get the better of me. As I approached the Entry into the Spartan arena, I saw many athletes, weekend warriors, elite racers, yummy mummies and urban warriors going about their paces and going through each obstacle. Yes, it was a ‘Wow’ factor and yes it was big. Could I do it? The only answer to that question was, ‘I’ll just have to do it and find out. I’ll just have to get in there and take it head on.” You see, I already made my decision that this is what I wanted to do, weeks before the actual start time was decided and before I wanted to click ‘Submit’ on the sign-up form. This is what I wanted to experience. I just made the decision once and that was it. For some people, they make a decision. For that time, and that place, it was the right decision. Two minutes later, it was wrong. Two days later it is wrong. Two months later it is wrong. Two years later, it is wrong. And so, they make amends and decide to make it right. And that’s where some people can grow – making a decision to do something for him or herself.

And because I had already committed financially to do the Spartan race, it just spurred me on because I saw the potential it could give me. I looked forward to the excitement of going through the event and seeing what I could do at each obstacle station. The anticipation of watching and seeing, ‘What’s next?’ drove me. The desire to set my goal (Complete the Spartan Race in one piece ) and seek what I wanted to find and get from the Spartan Race propelled me to take this up. For what it’s worth, I didn’t allow the magnitude of the event phase me one bit. The loud DJ-powered music was also a relaxing part that allowed me to focus my energy, much like fuel injection. Nope, it only made my resolve stronger, to finish this race in one piece.

 A Spartan athlete takes a ‘small’ leap of faith from one container to another across the nets. 

My coach and instructor Dave Stead from #HWPO Fitness gave our team one piece of advice that was so useful at the beginning of the race – ‘Go at your own pace”. This advice was gold for me. It made sense to me because he had seen the Elite racers come off and some of them came off second best due to various injuries and it showed to me that ‘anything can happen’. It showed to me that I should also, ‘expect the unexpected’, and it also showed to me that I should take care of me, when I am in the midst of that race. After all, I am putting my body on the line. I valued and appreciate that advice because when I did my triathlon, I don’t recall a coach giving me that kind of advice. Now I know, in the future, when I am ready to do another triathlon, I know to use this same advice when I take off from the swim leg.

Lastly, what I appreciated about the Spartan Race, was that I could move my body in different ways and use every sinew and tendon and all of my muscles that I never previously used in the past 3 years since my last triathlon and taekwondo class. I appreciated the foam roller to iron out my cramps in the following hours and the next 2 days after Spartan. I appreciated running through the hallowed change room and onto the hallowed turf where many champions have previously gone before. I raised my fists as if I was a champion and I got goosebumps doing so. I appreciated having my Lord and My God be with me as I carried the 55kg deadball obstacle without dropping it and pausing 6, 7, 8 times with my bare arms and my triceps stretching to its threshold. I DID IT! I appreciated my Spartan race mate Daniel pushing me along to ‘leave nothing in the tank’. I enjoyed it because I felt like a teenager again, just having pure fun and getting exercise in doing so a bonus.
 Walking slowly back to my car where I parked 2km away from the Stadium, I smile and say “Thank you Lord. I had fun today. Now I can say I am a Spartan. Next time, I’ll be back to do the Spartan Super!”

So for those of you thinking of joining, drop me a message and maybe I can help point you in the right direction. I don’t know everything but I’m always open to having a go and asking questions to clarify, or finding someone who does. I am looking for more team mates to join me in the next quest for fun and adventure. There’s got to be more than 6 out there. Who wants to come and join me?

To be or not to be a Spartan? 

So, I’m here at my first Spartan Race 6km Sprint at ANZ Stadium. Loud dj music, spectators and buff bodies alike. And the obstacles- whoa! I thought I would blog first to allow me to focus myself and think about what is my goal today. My goal is to race, do my best, if I don’t complete the obstacle, then it’s a 30burpee penalty. My goal is to complete the Spartan race in one piece!!! 

  Either way, I’m getting fit. I’m doing today what other people won’t, so I can do tomorrow what other people can’t. I’m nervously waiting for the team that I joined to turn up – Team #HWPO Fitness. Thanks to my wife Therese for letting me follow my dreams. Thanks David and Jules for your inspiration, insight, and support. Let’s do this! Hoo-ha! By the way, here is a before shot as I wait for my slot to turn up. See you at the finish line. 

Why do we allow limits to hinder our healthy ourselves?

I was walking home yesterday after dropping my car off to get the noisy brakes serviced. No biggie, I just incorporated the walk/ jog to my house so I could keep up with the friends I am competing with on my Fitbit HR. For the record, 6,828 steps in 1.04hrs and 5.52km was just my cup of tea to begin my day. So, as I was walking along I came across these signs that we take for granted- 

These road signs are there for a reason. From a driver’s / motorists’ view we have to abide by both signs, otherwise we risk facing and paying the consequence. But from a health point of view- a person can choose to break that limit. What if we allowed ourselves to dream bigger, better, bolder dreams? I think it was Zig Zigler who is quoted as saying- “Are you busy preparing  your life, or repairing your life?” Another friend told me that he heard from another person say, “your first 40 years is a gift, the next 40 years you have to work for it”. 

I read this article about the ‘Golden Bolt‘. Imagine being like Mr Miyazaki at his age. I have a long way to get to his age, but, If I can start training now, I reckon I could get up to that stage. In other words, I can prepare for this, with the right mindset, support and association with successful people who have done what I want to do, the only thing that I have left is time. 

And time is what we all share, whether we are poor or rich, we all have 24hrs in a day to do what we want. The point is, how do we use that time to our advantage? What goals do you want to go for? What is your number one health goal? Why do you want to do it? What do you want to do? Be? Or have? Are you looking at your health goals or are you scanning the latest scores on your game app? What can you do in the next hour? Day? Week? Month or even year? 

See, that’s where the second sign “No Stopping” can help us in our health goals. I’m reminded of this 1979 song by McFadden and Whitehead and even covered by Luther Vandross among others ‘Ain’t no stopping us now’. No-one can stop  me, except for me. Sure there will be naysayers, but is that all they can do? I’d rather prepare a healthy life and a healthy body, spirit and mind now than repair it later. I choose to prepare now. Wouldn’t you? 

A small insignificant step

To most people, when they see a person succeed at something or achieve a personal goal, they see the person as ‘having made it’. This is not too far from the truth. What they don’t see is that a small insignificant step was made, and a some small insignificant decision was made, to move him or herself forward to his or destination. 

I made a decision last night to register online with the Spartan Race. I’m already halfway there. But, I made a decision a long time ago, in fact about 15 years ago, that if there was an obstacle race that was nearby, I would participate in it. Well the rise of Obstacle Racing in Australia and around the world has contributed to that desire to participate and make that decision a reality. 

The desire to just test myself and to see how much I can achieve in the distance (6km Sprint with 25 obstacles) at ANZ Stadium, increases as each day, hour, and second creeps ever closer to the day – October 10! What I look forward to is the fun at trying out each obstacle, the camaraderie and the personal satisfaction at achieving my own personal goal. 

This is my new health and fitness journey for 2015. The year has not finished yet! So, my training continues. Stay tuned if you want to learn more about obstacle racing. There will be more posts in due time.  See you on the obstacle course.  


On the road … again! 

So, I’ve reconnected with my physical self. I have new goals to aim for after competing in a Duathlon hosted by FilOz Triathlon Club just last Sunday September 5. It was a blast. I had a good time because I knew what to do. Older n wiser, some personal development thinking thrown in and I was able to sustain my momentum in the cycle leg with Leslie Portugal. Next step- the Spartan Race Sprint 6km at Anz Stadium. Look out for it this October.  


WHY would I want to get fit again?

It’s been way too long since I have been looking after my health. Well, it’s not that bad – I still take my supplements but I don’t move enough. The other day, I just got a feeling and DECIDED to make a change for my health for the better. There are so many reasons to answer my own question and I did make my own list. Make that a looooong list! There were 41 reasons why I want to get fit again. For this post though, I’ve decided that I only want to share my Top 5 reasons why I want to get fit again.

1. I want to live a longer, healthier and consciously responsible and decisive life that I can design for myself, not by default.

2. I want to have more energy so I can spend quality time with my wife and my kids.

3. I want to set a good example to my family and to my kids, especially with setting goals and showing how persistence and consistency can pay off.

4. To develop a stronger CORE for my body, so that I can maintain whole body strength from within, maintain muscle co-ordination and mental agility as I become older.

5. To delay, no, to FIGHT against a sedentary life and the onset of depression, schizophrenia, dementia and diabetes as well as heart attack and obesity.

So, that’s my short list of why I want to get back into fitness.  Thanks to the personal education program that I am on, the book by Jeff Olson, titled The Slight Edge, has been one of the most refreshing and easy to understand do-it-yourself books that I have read from front to back, over the last 2 years. If you can get your hands on it – (either book or audio CD), read and listen to it. It’s worth owning it!

So, if you’ve just come across my blog or have been following me, what are your reasons for getting back into fitness? If you have been fit the last few years, how have you maintained your focus on your health and wellness program?






First day back in the saddle

Well, after a year off from cycling, I’m back on the tarmac. My legs are slightly tight after working out yesterday afternoon. I made it my goal today to reach the rest point/ water/ entry at the LG building on the M7. There are a whole lot more riders here than last time. Plus today not riding with my main group. Just want to cruise on my own and see how i go mentally and physically – cardiologically ( is there such a word??). Lots of bike gazing too! Hahha just bikes galore. Anyway, time to return home.


Race planning – it’s all in the detail

So, this planning I set out to do for my chosen races today, it’s a little convoluted in the preparation department, but it is now slowly taking shape. I have pencilled in my chosen A, B and C races and have filled in my 12month training and racing plan. And that’s the beauty about the pencil – you can erase any mistakes either it be writing, doodling, sketching or otherwise, without delay. I realised that with my training plan, I also need a strength training plan for triathletes and although it’s late in the evening to do that, I now plan to do that tomorrow evening ;).  The more I think of these races, the more anxious and excited I get, just like a kid set to go off to the department store to see the new range of shoes for the summer. I’d better go catch up on my beauty sleep – (insert Nelson Munz laughing ‘ha-ha’!). Catch ya on the tarmac!